Hi there visitor!

We like visitors of all sorts, but we have rules to help us maintain our balance.

  • Visitors are allowed by invitation only
  • Park outside the main gate unless a resident greets you at the gate and directs you to park elsewhere
  • No visiting dogs (or other animals).  So sorry about this - we are dog people, we have dogs, we love dogs... but we can't risk your dog harming livestock OR our livestock harming your dog!  Seriously, the herd can kill your dog.
  • Stay in your area.  There are distinct residential and private areas, although they may not always be clearly marked.  Your resident host will tell you where you can be.
  • BioSecurity - yep, its a thing and it doesn't just apply to fancy virus research labs.  If you've just been on another farm - or anyplace with agricultural byproducts like cow or horse manure - you may be carrying some stuff we'd rather not be gifted.  So clean or change your boots and other clothing that might be affected.
  • Be Gate Aware - if you are moving through any area, be sure to leave gates as you found them.
  • Beware!  All of us have tried to select for nice, domesticated animals that are at least OK with people.  But even sweet animals can be unpredictable, especially when meeting new people.  NEVER assume that sweet cow, cute pig, fluffy sheep, inscrutable duck, etc is not able to hurt you!