What's Going on Here?

Ten O'Clock Acres is an oddball.  Born of frustration with the status quo and a knowledge that viable alternatives exist, I set out to both implement these alternatives, demonstrate results and experiment along the way.  The core idea is that humans can be a beneficial keystone species, that we can feed ourselves and improve the land at the same time.  This concept is at the heart of several perspectives - Permaculture, Regenerative Farming, BioDynamic - and while I respect all of these schools, I'm mostly operating within the Permaculture vein.  So I'm off -with an assortment of compatriots - to demonstrate that these perspectives and techniques can be used to grow carbon-negative food and timber with no chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers.  

Its a journey, for sure.  One step to start a long trip and all that.

What's not to like?