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Building Sustainability


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Ten O'Clock Acres is just 24 miles from Portland, just outside the urban growth boundary.  We're trying to maintain open space and use the dirt, water and sunlight to nurture the land and us.  We use minimal inputs and no chemicals, ever.  Come and see what we're up to.

Small Acreage News

Berkshire Experiment Begins

Well, not really an experiment but the first attempt to raise market hogs.  These four Berkshire pigs are about 2 months old and they'll be with us for just 4 months.  While they are with us they have a job to do ... they are clearing out the tree plantation so I can safely get in there with a chainsaw!  They get to dig in the ground for blackberry roots and grubs, eat the leaves of all the understory bushes, and they have lot of room to move.  The great thing about raising hogs this way ... they don't smell.  When they first arrived they smelled like you'd expect... and it carried.  But changing their diet and giving them space has removed that awful smell.

1st Calf

We're really pleased to announce that on May 30th our cow Zola (finally) delivered her little calf.  Until we hear a better suggestion, this little heifer is named Daisy!  The Dexter is a pretty small cow, and the calf is especially small - I didn't weigh her, but we think she's about 40 lbs.  Zola made a fort in the back of Pasture 4, under the hazelnuts.